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Look around at the different horses. Quarter Horses, Arabs, Thoroughbreds, and Rocky Mountains! These animals are elegant, beautiful and slightly sassy. If you are looking at buying a horse, look at my links! There are some good ones on that list.




http://www.aqha.com/  -A great site for info on Quarter Horses!


http://www.apha.com/ - A great site for info on paint horses!


http://horsequest.com/ - Go on a quest for a horse of your own!

http://www.Equine.com - Find Horses for sale, stud, or lease. Also trailers and more!


http://www.dreamhorse.com/   -Find your dream horse!


http://www.Grishamsglen.com  -Quarter Horses FOR SALE.


If you know any other sites,

Contact me at Kaitlyn@casapurdy.com



My stories:


The prodigal colt


Lightning, stallion of Texas


More to come!